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Vincent Kok is a Maker, an Intel hardware platform application engineer, graduated from USM Electronic Engineering. Vincent actively involves himself with the Maker's community, as well as attending Maker Faire held in other parts of the world - Shenzhen in 2014, Singapore and Tokyo in 2015. Designing electronics hardware kits and giving soldering classes for beginners are some of his favorite ways to benefit extra time he has.
My short resume :

Working Experience

Founder, August 2012, Vinctronics, Sitiawan Perak
  • Online electronic store.
  • Selling electronic components, module.
  • Developing some self-designed product for sales, LCD Shield V1.0.
  • Some simple electronic consulting.
  • Products sold in local market and also international market. For example USA and Netherlands.
  • Provide PCB Design service and industrial grade PCB sourcing.

Tutor (Temporary) , May - Aug 2011
Sarjanaku Tuition Center, Sitiawan Perak
  • Scheduled tutoring appointments with students or their parents.
  • Researched or recommended textbooks, or other learning materials to complement tutoring.
  • Reviewed class material with students.

Activities and Involvement
  1. External Speaker - Makers Talk
  2. President, Student's Society of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2013/2014
  3. President, IEEE DIY PCB Workshop
  4. President, Convex 2013
  5. AJK, IEEE Student Chapter USM, 2012/2013
  6. AJK, Convex 2012
  7. AJK, Industrial Visit to National Instrument, 2012/2013
  8. AJK, Robotic Workshop for secondary school students, 2012/2013
  9. Vice President, Student's Society of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2012/2013
  10. School Representative, Institute of Engineer Malaysia, 2012/2013
  11. Vice President, IEM Industrial Visit to Vitrox, 2011/2012
  12. Exco, Robotic Club 2011/2012
  13. Vice President, AVR Microcontroller Workshop 2011/2012
  14.  President, DIY PCB Workshop 2011/2012

Achievement & Award
  •  2nd runner up, My Crazy Idea for the National Competition,2013
  • Gold Medal, Malaysia Technology Expo , 2014

Below are some of the platform that you may reach me :
  1. Facebook 
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Blogspot
  4. Youtube Channel
  5. Email : vinctronics@gmail.com
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