Thursday, 27 June 2013

Eagle Cadsoft PCB Design Software

     Recently, many have been asking me what software I am using for the schematic drawing for my DIY PCB.
So, I decided to make this post and share with everyone about the PCB drawing software that I have been using all this while.

      During my first year, I have been exposed to eagle cadsoft PCB drawing software by my senior and I was in charge of organizing a DIY PCB workshop in my universiti. From here, I start to learn up eagle and then do my own DIY PCB. Slowly then, I found out that this software is pretty nice. It has alot of built in components/footprints. It is definitely user friendly and easy to learn for this software !

As requested by some of the readers, I will try my best to make a simple video tutorial about how to draw a simple schematic using Eagle software.

Anyway, to those that required the eagle software,you can download it here for the latest version.

Download Here 

Some readers asked me where I get some extra parts/components in my version of eagle. Well, actually, I searched in the net and found that actually adafruit library consists of many parts that I would be using. So I would attached the link to download the adafruit eagle parts/components here :

It consists of many parts that is useful and common for you in designing.

Thank you and enjoy !


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