Thursday, 11 July 2013

BB Prince

Hey all !

Just today I received a small gift from my friend - a BB Prince. What is a BB Prince actually ?

BB = Breadboard

This BB Prince is a small utility board for your breadboard that have some of the most common things you need when building a microcontroller-based project on the breadboard. It's a small (2.5x1.5cm / 1x0.6”) PCB with a Power Led, a Reset button with a pullup and goes low when pressed, a Signal button with pulldown that goes high when pressed and two general Indicator LEDs that are connected to ground via resistors.

It's a simple thing, but so convenient to have sitting in a corner of the breadboard ready to be used whenever necessary. You can see that this BB Prince kit is actually very very small size !

Below is the schematic for the BB Prince. It is pretty simple as you can see :)

Source : DangerousPrototypes

The BB Prince on my breadboard:


If you are interested with this product, you may contact me through email or facebook. The price is cheap :)

Enjoy !

Thanks :)



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