Friday, 2 August 2013

My Workbench

Hey all, welcome to my blog ! Sorry for did not update my blog for like 2 weeks already. Was pretty busy on training and organized my things. 

Are your tools like stripper, cutter, test pen and some others tools been placed everywhere and sometimes it is hard for you to find them when you want to use them !  Well, this problem always happen to me where my workbench is pretty messy.  So, I thought of making myself a simple board to place all my tools and equiments.

I started off by getting myself a wooden board that was left behind my house. The size is 33cm x 26cm.

Next, I took out all of my tools and try to arrange them on the board so that the space used are maximized. 

Then I use some metal nails and hammer so that the tools are fixed at a position.

Later then, I thought of putting in some lighting for this board. So, I used the LED strip that I have and cut them into the size I want and stick them onto bottom of the board. Then I used a 23A 12V battery to power them as the LED strips required 12V.

And finally, I get the simple board done ! 

I am gonna make more similar boards for my other tools !

Just a simple post and hope you enjoy reading !

Thank you :)




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