Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to - L293D Motor Driver IC

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In this article, I will explain briefly on a simple motor driver IC - L293D.

This is a Dual H-bridge motor driver. In other words, this IC are able to control 2 DC motor at the same time. 

This IC are able to control to :
  1. Control the speed of the rotation of the DC Motor
  2. Control the direction of rotation of the DC Motor. For example either rotate clockwise/anticlockwise.
Pin diagram for L293D :

 Pin Description :

Important !!!

The L293D IC have 2 VCC pins as you can see - VCC1 and VCC2.

  • VCC1 is for the supply voltage to power up the IC( Never exceed 5V! )
  • VCC2 is the supply voltage for your motor. ( Up to 36V ! ). However, please have a look at the specifications of the motor you used. Some motor can't withstand such a high voltage.
Example connection :

Operation : 

I have made a simple application using this motor driver IC - VK 2WD Electric Car Controlled through Android Application !

Have a look here :


I hope that this simple article will help you understand about how a L293D motor driver IC works and how it can be applied to make something fun !

Any comments/suggestions/opinions can leave your comments or contact me.

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