Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vinctronics LCD Shield V1.0

Hi friends ! In this post I will just share something that I have made
long time ago but yet to post something about it yet which is the Vinctronics LCD Shield V1.0.

 "The idea actually came across when I always have to deal with LCD and I realise that when I disconnect all the wires and when I need to use them for the next time, I have to connect them again using few jumpers wires and this is sometimes time consuming. So why not I made a simple LCD shield with some add on features like real time clock, buzzer and switches ? "

This is Vinctronics first ever product - LCD Shield V1.0. Basically, this is a simple shield that provides four important functions:

1. A 2 line by 16 character plug-in ASCII LCD.
2. An active beeper.
3. A DS1307 RTC clock IC with 3V coin cell battery to maintain timekeeping when power is off.
4. Three momentary contact tactile switches.

Here's a simple documentation of this product : 


Vinctronics LCD Shield V1.0 Documentation

Vinctronics LCD Shield V1.0 in action ! Watch the video below :

If you are interested with this product, you can send me email at

I hope you find this post useful.

Thank you.


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