Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to - Change the setting for your Bluetooth Module

Hey guys, few months ago I bought a bluetooth module to play around with bluetooth. It is 

(JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino)

 Just yesterday, I get to know that I can actually change the device name, baud rate, and also pair code for this device. 

It's pretty simple to do this ! Believe it or not, it is simple !

1. Materials required :
1. FTDI Programmer 

2. Your bluetooth module

You can purchase one from HERE 
Pretty cheap and affordable !

2. Connection :
Basically the connection is pretty simple, just cross the Tx and Rx for both devices and connect the VCC and GND as usual.

3. Software:

  1. Open up Arduino IDE
  2. Choose the correct COM Port for your FTDI programmer.
  3. Open the Serial Monitor
  4. To test whether it is communicating with each other, simply type "AT" on the monitor and ENTER. Then the serial monitor will display "OK"
  5. So to change the device properties, refer to the datasheet for more details on the command

AT Command Sheet DOWNLOAD

Try it out guys if you have one bluetooth module ! It's fun ! You can configure the device's name, pair code and baud rate
If you bought a bluetooth module and it's not working, it might be the baud rate problem as experienced by one of my friends.

Thank you !

Enjoy !


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