Friday, 20 June 2014

OpenCV Project

Hey man ! In this post, I am going to share my small project on using OpenCV library to do some image processing work.

During the 2nd semester of my third year, I took up Robotic & Machine Vision as my elective which only total of 9 students in a class. Crazy right ? 

For the 2nd part of this course, we learnt about Machine Vision :

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Machine Vision
  2. Module 2: Camera Sensor, Lighting and Optics
  3. Module 3: Fundamental of Image Properties
  4. Module 4: Basic Image Filtering
  5. Module 5: Image Segmentation
  6. Module 6: Morphological Operation
  7. Module 7: Feature Extraction
  8. Module 8: Template Matching

And after all the lectures, we are required to do an individual mini project using OpenCV library. 

Once I get to know about this project, initially I was really blank on what I should do. Áfter some research and asking some seniors, then I make up my mind to do the PCB defects detection as I always do some PCBs and it's kinda related to my experience as well.

Here's a simple report on my project : 

Download : Machine Vision Project Report 


Full report featured at Electroschematics :

PCB Defects Detection Using OpenCV

Here's a very great video on how you can link up the OpenCV library to Microsoft Visual Studio C++ software.

Thanks to my friend who share this to me.

After all, this is my first time using OpenCV library for image processing project. I found that this is quite interesting and we are able to apply what we learnt in lectures to solve real life problems ! 

In conclusion, more work and research need to be done to understand better on this OpenCV image processing library. 

Enjoy the below video. It is a very nice robot using Android OpenCV.

Thank you !

"Get inspired and do great things ! " 


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